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Maree O'Sullivan  recommends Solfeggio Chime Shop.


I had a beautiful sound healing with Gary, my first ever and it was AWESOME

I saw the sounds as the colours of the rainbow, swirling and resonating with the chimes.

It felt like I was held inside the sound for ages, safely cocooned, yet it was only 30 minutes.

I definitely recommend Gary and his beautiful chimes.

I loved them so much I booked into his workshop and I can't wait

Just recently I was treated to a Solfeggio Chime Sound Healing at The Solfeggio Chime Shop with Gary Martin. I was not sure how this would go, I guess this was because I’ve only ever been to sound healings with a variety of instruments. Stepping inside Garys Healing space, I could see chimes suspended from the roof, others were on moveable stands. The Solfeggio Chimes ranged in different sizes, the largest being bigger than me! This chime looked like something built into one of the many cathedrals I had visited in England and Belgium many years ago. There were pictures of coloured balls covering the walls, and when I asked Gary about these images, he told me he had created these images and that they were orbs. I was very curious as to how he managed to photograph the orbs. Gary showed me his invention for capturing these mysterious images of spherical light, and some films he had produced. These images could be mistaken for being computerised images and really capture the imagination, taking on many different forms in one image. Gary then stepped out of the healing space while I had a few moments of silence to prepare for the Solfeggio Chime Sound Healing. After a few minutes Gary reentered the room and began striking the chimes. The Solfeggio chimes all have their own unique sound from low to high pitches and when some were struck individually reminded me of Tibetan bowls. Others such as the high pitch chakra windchimes, reminded me of Koshi chimes in the way they had a light airy feel. When they were played together in a sequence, they blended beautifully into one another to create a clear ringing melody. The chimes were situated around the table I was laying on and it didn’t take long for me to relax into what felt like a rainbow of sound. I could see Garys image to the left of me through my eyelids, however heard a chime being struck from the right side. The sound seemed to surround me completely. I could also feel parts of my muscles dissolve. Amidst the relaxation I felt a sensation where my spine meets my skull and I heard and felt it crack. I did not move my neck at this time, nor did it hurt, which I found bizarre. I then went into a deep relaxation and at varying times felt pressure in the third eye region. Kind of like a band was placed from one side of my head to the other. This feeling which I assume was a blockage soon dissipated. I was very disappointed when Gary walked out of the room, as I realized the Sound healing had ended! I took the time to gather my senses and thoughts, sitting up while feeling very relaxed. Soon after this Gary walked back in the room and we sat and chatted about my experience with my Solfeggio Chime Sound Healing and I explained that they have a much lighter sound than Crystal bowls, however still have the effect of relaxation and the experience of joints cracking! I found it amazing how this basic looking, yet precisely tuned instrument could go so far as to crack joints, clear chakras and give a sense of great relaxation and healing. Gary and his Solfeggio Chimes have a remarkable way of changing the lives of many people

By Sarah j Clews
Sound therapist


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Jo Madden  recommends Solfeggio Chime Shop.


What a wonderful experience, Thankyou Gary. instantly meeting Gary it's as though your meeting a friend. Very welcomed.

Wow, walking into a room that has chimes from floor to ceiling was so exhilarating, I knew I was at the right place. Gary gets you comfortable and is very knowledgeable about the session you are about to recieve. The session was amazing, I'd been searching for a sound shower/ therapy so I was keen to experience its effects, and I was blown away, the hairs stood up on my arms, but it was like cms from my body, the frequencies felt amazing. Not just for the ears but for the body, lots of experience's had, exactly what I needed . I know the session was way longer than the hour and for that I say Thankyou Gary.

Later that day when I was home, relaxing I had a need to hear music, it was like other senses were alert and favourite songs I've played for yrs I could hear other instruments that I hadn't heard before, I felt tuned in as well as grounded This need to hear music lasted 2 days, it was energizing.

Thankyou so much Gary for the amazing experience of sound and frequency. I look forward to coming back again, soon .And the course you spoke of ' sign me up.

Thanks again Gary


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