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    What is  Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the use of the sound vibrations of the voice or other instruments such as drums, singing bowls, flutes or didgeridoo’s to restore the human body to its natural balance and harmony. Each cell of the body is in a constant state of vibration and with different frequencies for each of the cells, all trying to stay in equilibrium. The cells get in/out of equilibrium by way of entrainment. Entrainment is the synchronisation of organisms to a perceived external rhythm; like tapping your foot to the music, or laughing when you see others laughing, or the rising of the tide due to the rhythm of the moon. If you have 12 Grandfather clocks on the wall, all in time/rhythm, and you hold one out of synchronisation, soon enough it will fall back into line. So during a normal day, we will be in the energy frequency of things affecting our cells, some beneficial some not, and our own thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) are frequency vibrations that if held long enough will affect our vibration due to entrainment. That’s how sound healing happens, cell balance is restored by being in the presence of the beneficial frequencies of sound produced by the voice or musical instruments which leads to a meditative state of peace, calm and general wellbeing.

What is Solfeggio?       

Solfeggio is an Italian word given to the musical scale that is used to aid singers in 'hearing' music'. It's the Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So,La,Ti,DO and enables musicians to discuss music in written form.

What is the Ancient Solfeggio?

Over the years the scale has been adjusted to reflect current requirements but in the 1600s the scale looked like this.

Ut,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti  and was used by Gregorian Monks to chant

Hymns, such as The Hymn to St John the Baptist, which contains all six of the solfeggio notes and just by absorbing these tone's the listening crowd would be spiritually up-lifted. iN 1996 Dr Joseph Puleo used the Pythagorean method of number reduction to study the verse's of the hymn to St John the Baptist and found a series of numbers that correspond with the electromagnetic frequencies of the ancient solfeggio scale. These are the frequencies that Cosmotune solfeggio chime are tuned to.        


What are Solfeggio Chimes?   

Solfeggio Chimes are Precision instruments handmade by me to specific dimensions and the frequencies of the ancient solfeggio scale. They are the combination of personal engineering and spiritual practice and are powerful tools to be used for self realisation and self empowerment, also by energy practitioners to help others on their path.    

this is a singing bowl and chime with a didgeridoo. Coloured light fixture on wall.
diagram with colour spectrum artwork. Solfeggio chime shop.
Soundshower 925 small
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