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Om (or Aum) is an ancient sacred sound and symbol closely linked to spiritual awakening. It is one of the most important spiritual symbols in Eastern philosophy. At its core, Om represents Ultimate Reality. In other words, it encompasses all the spiritual states one can exist in.

The spiritual meaning of Om includes:

  • All forms of life
  • Self
  • All knowledge and wisdom
  • Love, purity, and selflessness
  • Unity, eternity, and peace
  • Om (or Aum) is a sacred sound and symbol that represents the ultimate reality and consciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism . It is one of the most important spiritual symbols in Eastern philosophy and is often chanted during yoga and meditation practices. The Om symbol represents the truth of ultimate reality, as well as a oneness and connection with the whole world . The sound Om itself represents the primordial beginnings of the universe and can be chanted to activate the third eye, crown chakra, and even the vagus nerve . The three-shaped imagery of Om is also representative of a holy trinity that links together many symbols of “threes” in Eastern philosophy .

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